Carmelite Lay (Third) Order Moate

Life Choices

From the moment that we are granted our soul,  we have also been given the 'desire' from God of His Will for us concerning our part to play in the greater Divine plan.  We are given our 'life vocation', for some this is the religious path, for others it is the path of the laity, creating families and communities and working together in varied occupations and in co-operation with the religious orders.  Everything works together in unison like a well operational machine.


At the moment of Baptism these 'vocations' are ignited through the Holy Spirit to guide and direct us into growing into the person we are meant to be.

By rite of baptism we are all made equal members of the Church from the Pope all the way to the newest born child.  And each one of us through that baptismal rite are considered prophets, teachers/leaders and priests. We all have our own part to play in the overall plan of salvation which unites heaven and earth, to bring about the Will of God, the kingdom of heaven into our lives.

But as St Paul writes 'to each is given a gift ' this gift influences which life path we take, our task is to be awake to the call from God, that is, which direction do we take?


Often we are influenced into careers and vocations by people around us, families, friends, educators etc., instead of contemplating our spiritual direction and asking our selves 'What does God want me to do?' and 'How does God want me to fulfill my soul's calling?' and maybe pray on it.  God will show you because he wants you to fulfill your life purpose.  This maybe by what most of us call synchronicities or providence.


Sometimes we may hear God call us to a pathway, but maybe it is subtle like Elijahs experience in the cave.  The still quiet voice can be hard to hear in todays world.  But if we do hear it, do we pass it off as nonsense? or, become embarassed about what we are asked to do?  Do we believe we cannot possibly do what we are asked?  So did all the prophets in the bible eg., Moses, Elijah and Isaiah.  

Many of us fall into these doubts and then maybe embark on a life that another person thinks we should lead.  Others may be deaf to the quiet voice.  Or have fallen 'asleep' and allowed themselves to be carried like thistle seed on the wind of this worlds influences, only to wake up later in life realising they are discontented with their life choices.


What is your Life Purpose, Your life pathway?


Spiritually there are basically two pathways in the Church that of the Lay person and that of the Ordained & Religious.  


There is no substitute for informed decisions and to contemplate on what you have discovered for yourself before deciding what is right for you in accordance with your life purpose, or following up further with a path which interests you.


Below are picture links to each vocational pathway.  May God be with you to make the right choice for you.











Be still, and know that I am God...Ps 46:10


"This is my beloved Son; listen to him" (Mk 9:7).


But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you Jn 14:26

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