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Lay Carmelites filled with the 'charism' or spirit of the Carmelite Order, seek to live their vocation by immersing themselves in the traditions and teachings of Carmel, and in the service of the Church and the everyday world.  


The Carmelite Charism finds its inspiration and its roots in the lives of Jesus, his mother Mary, and Elijah the 'prophet of Mount Carmel', as we encounter them in the Bible.



Mary, 'Our Lady', is Patroness, Mother and Sister to all Carmelites.  

Lay Carmelites live a relationship with Mary by imitating her virtues,  especially by listening as she did to the Word of God in the trials and joys of daily life.  Lay Carmelites stand with Mary,  cooperating with the mysterious Will of God who offers love and salvation to all people.



Elijah is for Carmelites the model of a life of contemplative prayer.

The prophet gives us an example of loving service that finds its source in a mature relationship with God.


Elijah inspires us to testify to God's presence in the world through deeds of justice, peace and love,  in our everyday lives as we live the mission of the Church in today's society, economics, politics and human dignity, through contemplaative living assisting the transformation of society into a world which mirrors Christ's teachings and ways of love and mercy.












The Carmelite Charism



charism The Rule of Carmel 3

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